Delivering a bastardized brand of rock'n'roll, the Von Howlers are a four-piece band of matched misfits from the Pacific Northwest.  The lyrics heavy, the riffs even heavier, their music is a combination of contemporary styles that drip with a range of classic influences.  Assembled in 2015, and having finished recording their eponymous full-length in 2016, the Von Howlers focus on attaining a live, no-holds-barred sound, with their stage antics bordering on manic. They like to have fun.  They enjoy setting things on fire.  They hope your bus freezes up.  They hope your old plane crashes.  So, leave the kids at home, toss back that second shot of whiskey and move freely as the Von Howlers invite you to join them in howling shamelessly at the moon.  Maybe a third shot of whiskey.

Bloody Von Howler- Vox
Sammy Von Howler- Guitar
Eddie Von Howler- Bass
Danny Von Howler- Drums